John DeYager

  • Hi Bob,
    I’ve been flying a ’71 model AA1A as well for the past 9 years. I did a total restoration on it after bringing it home from Austin, Texas. I have had a few minor issues with the flap system over the years.
    Including asymmetrical play in the flaps. The flap motors tend to have a little “coast” in them due to gear reduction system and high…[Read more]

  • Yes!
    Accident free for all of my 22 years of flying. 1 engine failure and 1 partial failure (not in my Grumman) and never even put a grass stain on an aircraft. My premium jumped 300% for my AA1A! For the same reason you mentioned.
    There was one accident in Portland, Tn last year that claimed two lives however. But, as a whole, accidents were…[Read more]

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