• Because I am always checking the oil when I get within 10′ of the dipstick, I have noticed our oil is much darker when it’s cold (during preflight for example) and noticeably lighter in color after a flight when everything is warmed up. This change in color occurs as quick as 2 or 3 hours after oil change. The older the oil is, the less…[Read more]

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    Nice looking Tiger.

    My partner and I installed an electric tow in our hanger from Aircraft Spruce for around $430. We tried 3 other models before we decided on one. We needed a long control cable as its a challenge to end up close to the hanger door after flying. Also, do your research on where to pull backwards from on the airplane (not the…[Read more]

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    It appears to be a defective solenoid. There is zero resistance through the coil of the “new” unit but testing the old one and other loaners on the field, I see about 1 ohm. Tim at Skytec is sending another one overnight. I can’t ask for more than that.

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    Update on our starter issue.
    After cowl removal and depressing the start button, It took a “tap” on the selenoid to get the starter gear to engage the flywheel. Ordered and installed a new Skytek 149-12LS starter. Now when we depress the start button, the starter selenoid closes and the starter motor spins but it doesn’t extend and engage…[Read more]

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    We have been experiencing a starting problem since the middle of the summer. Pushing the start button we hear the new starter relay (changed out yesterday) engage with a good snap but the starter doesn’t engage with the fly wheel. The only sound when pressing the start button is the relay snap. Is my next step to remove cowling and do the go…[Read more]

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    I suspect our temperature probe might have failed. The wire that attaches to the stud on the top spins around fairly easy even with the nut tight above and below the terminal. I’m trying to understand how apply 28 ohms resistance to it to verify the oil temp gauge. Can anyone explain the test in layman terms?

    Thanks, Pat Hendren

  • Greetings,

    We are experiencing a 100-300 rpm reduction in power approx. 60 seconds after takeoff. It has happened during a straight climb or a climbing turn. It lasts for only about a second and it doesn’t happen every time, mostly on the first Climbout of the day, but it is very obvious when it happens. We just finished an annual where we…[Read more]

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  • One of the shocks on the nose wheel of our 1977 Cheetah is leaking at the seal and our mechanic is suggesting that it be replaced. Not available from FletchAir without a second mortage so we are searching for a used one. A previous Tiger owner has told me that those shocks can be removed and the airplane flown without them. Is this correct…[Read more]

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    @roscoeman We are first time buyers and are looking at a 1977 Cheetah based in lower Michigan. This airplane has been flown around 25 hours on average for the last 10 years. The owner wont agree to having a cylinder removed to see the condition of the cam and inside the crankcase for possible corrosion. He has used a multiviscosity oil and…[Read more]

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