September 27, 2017 – Volume XXII,

Trio Autopilot

Just a quick reminder that if you are interested in a Trio autopilot (roll steering and altitude hold) that the expected price is $8,000 and the delivery time frame if 25 Grumman owners are interested is prior to end of 2017.  Paul is actually shooting for late November.

For those who choose to wait, it may be over a year before they circle back to making install kits again for the Grummans.

Ken Blackman, Dave Fletcher and Roscoe are working with them for a hell-hole (under the rear seat) install of both servo for a quick and clean installation.

Just wanted everyone to know about it so there will be no hard feeling for those left out.  I know of 4 owners who have sent their money as oi this writing.

Send your check for $2,000.00 USD to:

The STC Group
3168 Jacinto Avenue
Simi Valley, CA 93063

also send the following:

Your Name
Aircraft Type
Serial Number
Registration Number
System Voltage
Panel mount or round-hole mount

Stay tuned for the findings.