October 31, 2017, Volume XXII

Happy Halloween GPA!

No tricks, but here are some treats!


To help with finding videos we have added a complete video list that will be maintained to the website as an option under “Channel” option. i.e. Channel-> YouTube Video List

434 videos now in the collection.
Subscribers 39 this last month bringing total to 392
Views 10,908 last 28 days with a total of 62,655 views.
Watch time 46,730 minutes for the last 28 days.

New Video Formats

There are a couple of new types of videos that we have tried. One uses the Savvy maintenance data display to show engine-operating levels such as CHT, Fuel Flow, and RPM. In other videos we use still and text panels to carry the message.

Keep the suggestions coming.


1252 Members as of this newsletter.

One member has sold his Tiger so we lost one, but we got another the same day.

Forum Posts

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There is a YouTube video covering plastic products, ‘LP Plastic Window Polishes – Grumman Style’, Enjoy!

Airplane Prices

One of the things that the GPA helps people with is finding their own Grumman.  So we have a fairly good idea of the price of the planes that are selling.  We do also see the same birds over and over.

Prices are up right now on Grummans so there are a lot of planes on the market that have been sitting for awhile with brand new price tags.  Shop with care and be sure and demand a good pre-purchase from a knowledgeable Grumman shop.

2 thoughts on “October 31, 2017, Volume XXII

  1. Tazz

    That is a low time airframe and you should count on the engine NOT making it to TBO, would suspect pitting on the cam and followers at the least.



  2. What’s the chances that a single owner ‘79 Cheetah that’s now on the market with 858 original hours could go to close to TBO without some issues? New owner put a nice paint job on it to sell. I’m wondering about the effects of corrosion on engine components once the bird starts flying.
    Thanks for any input,

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