FAST Formation Clinic

Date(s) - 11/17/2017 - 11/19/2017

KJEF/Jefferson City, MO


I would ask that my Grumman pilot friends who want to join me (along with my Tiger) would contact me at:  We may have some accommodations available for those who sign up early.  Otherwise everyone is on their own.  We can provide transportation.

Thanks!  Ferg


  1. Week of November 13 (Ed and Dori LeBlanc are coordinating a couple’s flying retreat in St. Louis, Branson and/or elsewhere)!!
    1. More details to come from Ed soon.
    2. Ed – 512-906-8926 (cell);
  2. Friday, November 17:
    1. Pilots arrive, obtain rental cars, settle into accommodations.
    2. 6pm – Dinner/drinks at Paddy Malone’s.  For those that have attended KJEF clinics in the past, you know how good Paddy’s is.  For those that have yet to experience it, you’ll never forget it.  ☺
  3. Saturday, November 18:
    1. Breakfast on your own.
    2. 8am-noon for newbies and others without formal F.A.S.T. ground school @ Jefferson City Flying Service or Casa Gentry (TBD).
    3. 8am-noon for carded F.A.S.T. pilots and those that have already attend formal ground school and previous F.A.S.T. clinics – 2 and 4 ship sorties!  3 practice boxes will be provided for SA and flight separation.
    4. 12pm-1pm lunch at KJEF – pizza
    5. 1pm-5pm – additional sorties including introduction to 2-ship for newbies.  4-ship sorties for others.  Proficiency flights.
    6. 6pm – dinner at Dominico’s.
  4. Sunday, November 19:
    1. Breakfast on your own.
    2. 8am-? – additional 2-ship and 4-ship sorties.


  1. Ed is working on the VRBO in downtown JC.  TBD.
  2. 923 Sherwood Drive (Casa Gentry) for any overflow.  Room for 4-8.
    1. RPA F.A.S.T. Check Pilot gets the spare bedroom downstairs IF we end up with a check pilot this year (May not have anyone ready for a check ride this time around).  ☺


  1.  Enterprise.
    1. 1419 Missouri Blvd
    2. (573) 635-9000
    3. Open until 6:00 PM

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