Eclipse Gathering

Date(s) - 08/20/2017 - 08/21/2017
All Day

Southern Illinois Airport


[August 13, 2017 cotter] SIAA (Southern Illinois Airport Authority,) KMDH, has two hundred aircraft that have communicated their intent to fly in. Many the day before the eclipse. Camping will be allowed on airport property. They have made
arrangements for porta potties, and are planning to do what they can for our visitors.

A word of caution: No one really knows what to expect…. some estimates
exceed 50,000 visitors to the area. So if you are flying in, bring a
cooler, drinks and food. It may be all you have. Maybe not. Town
(Carbondale) will be crazy. Think Mardi Gras with outdoor concerts all

If you have any specific questions feel free to send me an email and I’ll
send you my phone number so we can talk.

I’d love to meet up with Grumman fliers but my time will be thin with
family & out of town that made their plans a long time ago. Hotels have
been booked for a year.


The ‘Blue Dot’ is the airport which is within the full and total eclipse path.  We plan on meeting Sunday with a BBQ at the airport, and then watch the event on Monday with departures in the afternoon.  Be sure and bring all you food and drink as this is a small town.

The Southern Illinois Airport is planning for the arrival of many aircraft to view the eclipse.   The airport is in the line of totality.  The point of greatest duration, two minutes 38 seconds, is about 10 miles south of KMDH.

The airport will be allowing camping on the field, and has secured portapotties to supplement the pilot’s lounge at the T hangars.

All hotels and B&B’s  have been booked for a long time, so if you are staying overnight, camping at the airport is one of the few options left.   Please register on the airport’s web site to help them plan accurately to accommodate the visiting pilots & guests.   At present 70 aircraft have registered on the airport’s web site:

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