Grumman Corral at the Northwest Fly-In at Arlington, WA

Date(s) - 07/10/2014 - 07/12/2014

Arlington Municipal Airport

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July 10, 11, & 12, 2014, KAWO, Arlington, Washington

There will be a “Grumman Corral” at the Northwest Fly-In at Arlington, WA (KAWO) this year. This event is one of the regional fly-ins that used to be affiliated with the EAA but all but Sun N Fun were disassociated from the organization for liability reasons. It is a very good 3 day event with airshows every day, many displayed aircraft including unique vintage and military planes. It was decided that there would be a group parking area and good socializing area during the 2014 NW Fly-In hosted by some of our local Grumman owners including myself. For those desiring this parking, please make a copy of this sign on 8.5 by 11 paper and display it in your windshield.

Something the Cherokee people (the club, not the tribe or the band) have scheduled a “3 hour tour” on a 2 masted schooner sailing vessel to leave Friday Harbor at 2:30 to return by 5:30 and have asked if our folks might like to join them. They have about 12 spots left to fill. That would mean flying to Friday Harbor airport, about a half hour trip, walking the short mile into town to the dock, then getting back to the airport and flying back to Arlington which would mean at least 7:00 or later for the return arrival. This would probably not fit with a Friday night cook out. The food and drinks will be on a donation basis.

I’m not sure what the admission fee is, but I will have that information soon. If you can’t fly in, you can drive in. If you come commercial, there is a shuttle from Sea-Tac airport to Everett or there are rental cars. By the time you pay for the shuttle and get on out to the Arlington Airport you may as well have rented for the time which would be a weekend rate, I’m sure.


Anyone planning to come to the Annual Arlington Fly-In, July 10, 11, 12, and wish to park with other Grummans in the special area they have been so kind as to set aside for us, you will need to download this attachment and print it out. I suggest placing it in a plastic sleeve or mount on a stiff backing.

When you land at AWO and contact ground control, then parking control, place this in your windshield or hole it up to the people directing you. They will send you to our “Grumman Coral”. If there are no Grummanistas there, just park the plane and tie it down. I plan to be there some of the time but not continually but there should be someone wandering around.

If you plan to be there and join us, please contact me at the below. Give you cell phone number, N number, and other information. We have reserved space for 20 airplanes so let’s fill them up! We plan to have a BBQ probably Saturday before the night “Pyro-Technic” airshow. I will make sure we have a minivan handy to run folks to town, hotels, stores, etc..

This is for anyone with a Grumman or a previous or future owner, pilot.

Please do RSVP so we have some idea of what to plan for.

This will not be any specific group gathering, rather an open fellowship event for any like-minded people who care to attend. If you think you would be interested in being part of this, please contact me at my shop number or e-mail. If you like the idea of the sailing ship tour, I need to know ASAP. Suggestions for the event are welcome. BTW we intend to have a “Costco Garage” type cover set up with some tables and chairs near our area for a central meeting place, shade, and place to eat.

Ken Blackman
Air Mods N.W.

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