National Gathering/ Wrench & Elbow Bending 7S5

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Date(s) - 06/22/2018 - 06/25/2018
All Day

Independence Airpark


Location is 7S5, Independence, OR.

[Preliminary – subject to change – your mileage may vary – objects on schedule
are closer than they appear]

National Gathering Fly-In June 22-26

This year’s national gathering will be held in the Willamette Valley at the
Independence State Airpark (7S5) in Independence Oregon. Hosted by Mark and
Kelly Matthews who have planned a full extended weekend for Grumman owners and

June 21: Thursday early arrival
5:45PM: Polk County Chapter of the Oregon Pilots Association Monthly Potluck
Potluck dinner and a presentation by Roscoe Rosche on “Finding the Wright
Brothers Hangar” and Grumman Pilots Association YouTube Maintenance videos.
We understand that it’s hard to bring a potluck dish when you are flying-in. If
you wish to come and have the time you are welcome to make a dish at Those
Matthews’ house or RSVP to Kelly Matthews and she will see that you’re covered.

June 22: Friday
9:00AM – 1:00PM:  Wrench and Elbow Bending  morning session
We’ll start off with a demonstration of how to remove a wing from a 2-seater.

1:00PM – 2:00PM: Sandwiches to order, with a choice of sides: potato salad,
green salad, and/or fruit salad.

2:00PM – 5:00PM: Wrench and Elbow Bending afternoon session

6:30PM: Dinner featuring homemade lasagna, salads, vegetables, breads plus
homemade apple pie for dessert. Finish off the evening with a gathering around
the fire pit and some elbow bending.

June 23: Saturday
7:00AM – 8:45AM: Breakfast available on-your-own at the Starduster Cafe next to
the hangar.

9:00AM: Wrench and Elbow Bending morning session.

1:00PM – 2:00PM: Sandwiches to order, with a choice of sides: potato salad,
green salad, and/or fruit salad.

2:00PM – 6:00PM: Wrench and Elbow Bending afternoon session

7:00 PM: A gathering of Grumman owners and friends, for a barbecue hosted by our
Grumman Gurus, Roscoe Rosche, Ken Blackman and Cliff Hanson. Dinner menu: Steaks
fresh from a local butcher, baked potato, spicy 7 bean soup, salads and breads.
For dessert, enjoy some local Tillamook ice cream.

June 24: Sunday
7:00AM – 8:15AM: Fried egg and cheese croissant, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and
juice provided for breakfast. Those wishing a heartier meal have several local
cafes to choose from.

8:30AM: Wrench and Elbow Bending morning wrap-up session.

2:00PM – 3:00PM: Lunch on-your-own at the Starduster Cafe by the hangar.

3:30 PM – 5:30PM: Taxiway of Dreams Tour.
The Independence Airpark has more than 200 homes with taxiway access to the
airport. The Taxiway of Dreams Tour will include an overview of the airpark, EAA
Chapter 292 hangar tour and a visit to several airpark home hangars to see what
interesting projects are under way.

7:00 PM: Dinner provided by your hosts Mark and Kelly Matthews. Homemade potato
leek soup and breads. For dessert, indulge in homemade cookies, brownies, other
treats and of course more Tillamook ice cream.

June 25: Monday
7:30AM – 8:15AM: Breakfast of light snacks, yogurt, fruit, croissants with
toppings, coffee and juice.

9:00 AM: Depart Independence for the B-17 Alliance Museum and Restoration tour.
($10.00 Donation) We will enjoy a private tour of the small museum and huge
restoration of the Lacey Lady B-17. Enjoy this up close and personal tour from
the dedicated volunteers restoring every rivet of this project. The restoration
hangar is located at Salem Airport, KSLE. A 30 minute drive or 10 minute flight.

1:00 PM More of the very informative seminars. Pizza and drinks provided for
afternoon nourishment.
Dinner: time to be determined by the group – Head out to one of Independence’s
local restaurants, The Independence Grill. Only 1.5 miles from the airport.
Shuttle van, bikes and walking options available so no rental car needed.

June 26: Tuesday
Departure day – with optional tours of the Evergreen Air and Space Museum or a
hike around Silver Falls, if you don’t have to rush off.

Non-airplane Activities
For spouses and friends that don’t want to hang out at the tech sessions there
are options for a brewery tour, winery tour, peewee golfing, bowling, local
hikes, quilt shop tours plus open to other options. Those participating can pick
and choose which activity they are interested in doing each day. A list of
interesting local activities and sights will be provided for self-guided activities.

Rental Cars
Rental cars are available in nearby Salem – Hertz, Avis, Enterprise and some
independents are all located there. Shuttle delivery to the rental car office
available on request.

Housing Info
College Inn, 3.5 miles at 270 Pacific Avenue North, Monmouth, Oregon. Estimated
cost is $75 per night. Morning and evening van service available for airport

If you are planning on renting a car or driving to the event, hotels are also
available in Dallas and downtown Salem.

Airpark Host Homes: Having our event at the Independence Airpark allow us to
offer free housing from many of our neighbors who generously open their homes to
visiting pilots offering their spare bedrooms. Host families do not provide
food, just a place to sleep and a warm shower. You must contact Kelly Matthews
at ahead of time to arrange for a host family. Do not wait
to the last minute as separate arrangements need to be set up with each host
family. Dogs are welcome.

Free Camping: For those that love sleeping under the stars, camping is
available. Camping facilities include a restroom and a warm shower, laundry and
clean towels. You must contact Kelly Matthews at to
arrange for your camping facilities. (State airport rules prevent us from
offering “camping under your wing” if tied down on the airport ramp. However you
can camp with your plane on the residential airpark side. Prearrangement with
Kelly needed.)

Other Services
If you are unable to fly your Grumman to the event and plan on flying commercial
to PDX, HUT Shuttle provides shuttle van transportation to Salem. We can arrange
to meet you in Salem and bring you out to Independence.

General Information

This is a 3 day event which is intended to advance the delicate maintenance our aircraft require. As Ken will say, “This is about teaching how our planes need to be maintained, not free mechanical work!”  It is officially sponsored and hosted by Yankee Aviation, presenting interesting seminars as will a couple of other Grumman Savvy mechanics.  There will be hands on maintenance demos and plenty of opportunity for questions and answers during, and following, the sessions.

Rental Cars:

What To Expect If Yours is a Demo Airplane
If your airplane is used for instruction purposes showing how to maintain or fix a problem, then you can expect to pay for any parts and material used in that process. The labor is donated by the gurus to educate others, and the hosting shop is donating the workspace and tools, so if you want to make a donation, make it to the hosting organization GPA.

There is plenty of aircraft parking on the ramp and there will be ample “on site” food prepared by Roscoe and other volunteers on Friday evening, Saturday lunch, and possibly Saturday evening so plan to “chip in” on the food (and beverage) runs made to local stores. (There will be a recommended amount announced.) We may have one meal at one of the nearby restaurants, possibly Saturday evening.

One of the lessons learned at the first Wrench and Elbow Bending Weekend was that any schedule is no good after the first plane. You find stuff not expected and so cover stuff out of schedule. So, like our planes, we will be winging it! We’ll try and get all the subject in in some order.

Subjects to be Covered

  • Engine overhauls and who to do it. Costs to expect and the pros & cons of choices
  • Sparkplugs, Cleaning, Testing, & Gaping. Type of plugs best for which engines
  • Tires, fairing mounts, modifying for access to air tires, cleanups available & benefits
  • Repairing plastic parts with DevCon Plastic Welder & screen material & alternatives
  • AD 79-22-04 & AMOC. SB 163A, SK-150 and the history of this AD and alternate
  • Split nose cowling STCs & Field Approvals. Power Point on doing the ADC STC.
  • Vertical split vs. horizontal. Deviating from the basic STC. How far off can you go.
  • R&R Canopy, clean & service tracks, explain changing seals, bumpers, lubrication
  • Removing seats. Checking security of brackets to spar. Inspecting seat mechanics.
  • Bleeding brakes. Inspecting and changing rudder springs & forward fuselage floor
  • Torque tube and Yoke Assembly inspection. Repaired and modified replacements
  • Rigging the Rudder. Checking clevis bolts and hardware for condition & replacing
  • Engine compartment, Baffles, Seals, Cowl Latches (condition & adjustment) all models. Fixing cracks and wear areas, prevention methods you should do.
  • Corrosion. What to look for, how to fix, and how to prevent it or stop in its tracks
  • Engine mount extrusions and corrosion, inspection and prevention
  • Nose gear, Fork adjustment, Axle tightness, Proper maintenance and fork bushings
  • Elevator & Trim Tab alignment, freefall test & proper maintenance & lubrication
  • Torque tubes, Supports & bearings. Changing bearings & shimming with tape.
  • Rigging, using fixtures, limits and fudging as much as is legal. Flap tricks for speed
  • A “Super Pre-Flight” inspection. Using spray silicone on canopy tracks and bearings

We will start about noon on Friday so folks can fly in. Saturday and Sunday we will meet at 9am and chat and look at planes before moving in for the next subject airplane.

Information will be posted on The Grumman Gang as well as here on the GPA website. Plans are still being made and soon will be more formal so watch for updates. For now, just put these dates on your calendar and make whatever plans needed to attend. Please contact me with your RSVP as soon as possible at or call me at 513-519-7008 for questions on lodging and other things yet to be posted.

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    1. I think that would take too long to do all. If there is commonality maybe one.

      Also, I live at Indy Airpark and would be glad to let my ’77 Lynx 150HP be used for demons. The canopy track work would be good for it. Cliff Hansen did the last annual and Ken Blackman did the original upgrade and STC installs many years ago

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