Second National Gathering – Cody, WY

Date(s) - 06/24/2015 - 06/28/2015
All Day

Yellowstone Regional Airport


BBVJune 24th -28th, 2015, KCOD , Cody, Wyoming

Second National Gathering. Come and live the ‘Old West’ for a few days. Enjoy BBQ, western hospitality, Rodeo, and good company. Details are embedded below.

Event Photos
Wednesday Welcome Reception BBQ at the Buffalo Bill Cabins

Yellowstone Morning Aerial Tour and Thursday Trail Ride

Various Shots

Saturday Black Powder Old West Shooting


Tuesday: One gentleman called and asked if folks were drinking in Cody, which caused folks to question if this guy was a real pilot. Name wit

Chatting in the shade



First Arrivals – Mark and Kelly Matthews

cody 2 imageCOdy 1

Roscoe – 513-519-7008
Luann – 513-227-9074
Ken – 425-422-8469
Jimmy – 609-548-0959
Matt – 937-604-3397
Mark – 971-222-6352
FBO / Cars – 307-587-9262
Hotel – 307-587-5555

The Wigwam (one corner away from the Village) has rooms.


Wednesday – Arrivals
6-7 pm Hotel by Cabins. Drinks and BBQ.

Yellowstone Tour?
Morning Maintenance Presentation at Airport in FBO
Plane Games
Lunch on own
Afternoon Free / Unscheduled events

Morning – Open Time for Shopping, etc.
BBQ Lunch, catered at Airport
Afternoon Eagle Ridge Shooting
Cody Night Rodeo Group Rate 1-800-207-0744
$20 – Adults
$10 – Children 8pm Start 7pm Open

Banquet Hotel
6-7 Bar
7 – 10 Dinner and Recognitions

Italian Sausage, Peppers, Onions & Pasta
Baked Cannelloni
(Accompanied by)
Garden Salad with Assorted Dressings and Toppings
Chef’s Choice of Vegetable
Italian Garlic Bread Sticks / Garlic Toast

Departures. A few planes are heading 525 nm into Oregon and maybe up to Ken’s. See Matt or Roscoe for details.


We are going to the Cody Nightly Rodeo on Friday Night. Adults $20 Child $10

Ice Cream after?

NEW —> We have arranged for an afternoon of shooting ‘Old West Period Weapons, Pistols and Rifles’. It will be on a per round basis, so shoot as much as you can afford. Rifle rounds are more expensive than pistols, but there is large caliber, ‘Sharps 45-70’ which would be the most expensive round.

The range is open-range and near Eagle Pass, about 10 miles east of Cody Airport…no buildings no awnings lots of SUN….. (Sunscreen, hats, water)
Handgun Rounds will be 5/$1.00. Rifle rounds still be figured.
Shooting Info!
Landmark for the flight from the East
Mt Rushmore 1997 small Mount Rushmore 2013 small
Mount Rushmore 1995 (notice the pillow on the ground) and 2013 in April. Just south of Rushmore is Crazy Horse. Stilla work in progress.
Crazy Horse 2013 small Crazy Horse 1997 small
Crazy Horse (2013) and 1997.
Finally there is Devil’s Tower, WY.
Devils Tower 1999 small
And when you get to Cody (forget the snow) here is Heart Mountain as seen from the Ramp. Our FBO is Choice Aviation. UNICOM 122.80, 307-587-9262

email for the FBO.

Heart Mountain small

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