Wrench and Elbow Bending – Kahului, Maui HI

Date(s) - 01/26/2018 - 01/28/2018
All Day

Kahului Airport, Maui



For those attending this weekend, if landing to the north, go to the tower and we are in there t-hangers closest to the tower on the South facing side.

There are 15 Grummans in the Hawaiian Islands and this Wrench and Elbow Bending will have the feel of home with an Aloha Friday afternoon BBQ hosted by Billy Baldwin, local mechanic at the airport.

We will start Friday at 9am meeting at the XX Hangar (TBA) and go till about 5 on maintenance.

Saturday will be the same 9 till 5 on various topics (see below).

Sunday will be finishing up the last planes and items.  Start at 9 am and end about 2-3 pm.

More Details To Come, Stay Tuned!

Wrench and Elbow Bending Logo

This is a 3 day event which is intended to advance the delicate maintenance our aircraft require. As Ken will say, “This is about teaching how our planes need to be maintained, not free mechanical work!”  It is officially sponsored and hosted by Yankee Aviation, presenting interesting seminars as will a couple of other Grumman Savvy mechanics.  There will be hands on maintenance demos and plenty of opportunity for questions and answers during, and following, the sessions.

What To Expect If Yours is a Demo Airplane
If your airplane is used for instruction purposes showing how to maintain or fix a problem, then you can expect to pay for any parts and material used in that process. The labor is donated by the gurus to educate others, and the hosting shop is donating the workspace and tools, so if you want to make a donation, make it to the hosting organization GPA.

There is plenty of aircraft parking on the ramp and there will be ample “on site” food prepared by Roscoe and other volunteers on Friday evening, Saturday lunch, and possibly Saturday evening so plan to “chip in” on the food (and beverage) runs made to local stores. (There will be a recommended amount announced.) We may have one meal at one of the nearby restaurants, possibly Saturday evening.

One of the lessons learned at the first Wrench and Elbow Bending Weekend was that any schedule is no good after the first plane. You find stuff not expected and so cover stuff out of schedule. So, like our planes, we will be winging it! We’ll try and get all the subject in in some order.

Subjects to be Covered

  • Engine overhauls and who to do it. Costs to expect and the pros & cons of choices
  • Sparkplugs, Cleaning, Testing, & Gaping. Type of plugs best for which engines
  • Tires, fairing mounts, modifying for access to air tires, cleanups available & benefits
  • Repairing plastic parts with DevCon Plastic Welder & screen material & alternatives
  • AD 79-22-04 & AMOC. SB 163A, SK-150 and the history of this AD and alternate
  • Split nose cowling STCs & Field Approvals. Power Point on doing the ADC STC.
  • Vertical split vs. horizontal. Deviating from the basic STC. How far off can you go.
  • R&R Canopy, clean & service tracks, explain changing seals, bumpers, lubrication
  • Removing seats. Checking security of brackets to spar. Inspecting seat mechanics.
  • Bleeding brakes. Inspecting and changing rudder springs & forward fuselage floor
  • Torque tube and Yoke Assembly inspection. Repaired and modified replacements
  • Rigging the Rudder. Checking clevis bolts and hardware for condition & replacing
  • Engine compartment, Baffles, Seals, Cowl Latches (condition & adjustment) all models. Fixing cracks and wear areas, prevention methods you should do.
  • Corrosion. What to look for, how to fix, and how to prevent it or stop in its tracks
  • Engine mount extrusions and corrosion, inspection and prevention
  • Nose gear, Fork adjustment, Axle tightness, Proper maintenance and fork bushings
  • Elevator & Trim Tab alignment, freefall test & proper maintenance & lubrication
  • Torque tubes, Supports & bearings. Changing bearings & shimming with tape.
  • Rigging, using fixtures, limits and fudging as much as is legal. Flap tricks for speed
  • A “Super Pre-Flight” inspection. Using spray silicone on canopy tracks and bearings

We will start about noon on Friday so folks can fly in. Saturday and Sunday we will meet at 9am and chat and look at planes before moving in for the next subject airplane.

Expenses to cover:

This event is sponsored by Roscoe of Yankee Aviation and Ken Blackman of Air Mods NW
and there is no charge for the seminars and demonstrations. The food and supplies, provided, are paid supplied by the host and it is requested all make a donation to “the Kitty” to reimburse him. Use your own judgment but an amount of around $10 each for lunches and perhaps $5 for coffee and muffins seems appropriate. The meal(s) at hotels and restaurants will be paid direct to them.

NOTE:  Specialized work during the event may incur maintenance charges due to parts and mechanic hours.

There are at least two good hotels near the airport which are:


Bookings are closed for this event.

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