Need someone who knows your plane to help you hone your skills? Review our growing list of experienced Grumman CFIs
Need information to get properly checked out in a Grumman? This document was compiled by 3 Grumman Flight Schools, and about a dozen Grumman instructors with over 90,000 hours of instruction. Enjoy! Also now available as a web page here: New to Grumman Checkout

GPA has a YouTube Channel, Grumman Pilots with many videos of maintenance on our planes. Check it out!

Grumman Maintenance Videos and Docs Videos of ‘planes for sale’, videos of repair work and inspections, engine manuals and more

Tons of information about our planes and how to work on them, all for free.Bondline

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  1. I’ve been flying Grummans since 1969, AA1, and currently own a 1972 AA1A(18 years). I’ve flown and instructed in the AA1X series, Traveler, Cheetah and Tiger and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It has been the most fun that you can have with your clothes on.


  2. Hi All !
    Bought AYA’s best in show (at their May ’14 Rockport, Tx convention)Tiger (In August ) and eventually got a BFR (after 32 years) so I could bring it home to Payson, Az where I had retired a year ago from NJ. Flying with some good good guys learning all I can. Sounds like I should join GPA !

  3. I am a highly experienced Grumman CFII located in Phoenix, AZ. I currently own and regularly fly a 79′ Cheetah. I formerly instructed for a Grumman dealer/flight school here, so I have time in the AA1 & AA5 series aircraft. If anyone is in need of instruction, I would be happy to help.
    Hm: 623-935-9195

    1. Edward, I think it would be nice to have your general location, maybe the airfield you are associated with. Also are you a CFII? I’m looking for a IPC in the midwest.

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