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    bob wesley

    I have a 71 AA1A and when lowering the flaps it seem when you release the switch, and insure it is in the neutral position, the flaps continue to drop a couple of degrees.
    My thought is that when you release the flap down the flaps should stop at that point.
    is there a brake on the flap motor?
    Is it adjustable?
    If necessary where is the best place to have the motor rebuilt?

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    John DeYager

    Hi Bob,
    I’ve been flying a ’71 model AA1A as well for the past 9 years. I did a total restoration on it after bringing it home from Austin, Texas. I have had a few minor issues with the flap system over the years.
    Including asymmetrical play in the flaps. The flap motors tend to have a little “coast” in them due to gear reduction system and high torque motor. I have got to where I anticipate this over-travel when lowering the flaps. (I only use them about half the time anyway. No flap landings are a breeze and smooth.) I rarely just lower them all at once. In the pattern I use a 3 count on the switch on downwind, base and final. By then I’m at full flap with a nice stabilized approach.
    I pretty much ignore the coast and let it work for me.
    I’m sure everyone does it different, but this works for me.
    As for rebuild, I do most all of my own work but trust Fletchair with the stuff I don’t have time to fool with. Hope this helps,
    John D.

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