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    Ray Seligman

    So for the last month I have owned a 1979 tiger and I couldn’t be happier. The only problem is getting it back into the hanger and it was a bear to push. So I set up a winch that Pulls backwards from the front. Not my design OK clearly stole it from someone else but it works great. The guy in the hanger next-door to me has a Cherokee 180 similar size plane and I’m guessing about the same weight. I puled his out by hand it’s like moving a baby carriage and we go to pull mine out by hand I can certainly do it but it takes a hell of a lot more Pull. It just had an annual, as far as I know nothing is hanging up. I think part of it may be because the towbar is so short I’m pulling upwards as much as I am forward but I was just wondering are these tigers notoriously difficult to Pull? I can certainly do it but it is a hell of a lot easier on the piper. Getting it back I understand is a job but the winch is working perfectly but I was just wondering why it seems so hard to roll forward when pulling it.

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    Dan Voegeli

    I have a 1978 Cheetah and push mine into the hanger by myself all the time. I steer it with one hand and push on the nose cone with the other. It is no problem for me and there is even a small incline at the hanger door. Have you jacked up your wheels to see how much drag is on them, might have the bearings a little tight or maybe your brake calipers are not moving freely on the pins causing the brakes to drag.

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    Ray Seligman

    Is jacking each wheel up independently something I can do or do I need a mechanic to do this?

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    Dan Voegeli

    If you are mechanically inclined and know what you are doing you can jack up the wheels and check them. It should fall under FAA “preventive maintainance” GPA has videos on You Tube on jacking the individual wheels.

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    M.D. Wills

    Might also want to check tire air pressure. A couple of pounds from the optimum really increases the drag and visually they looked properly inflated. I had mine under-inflated by 2 lbs on all tires (nose – 19 lbs. and mains 22 lbs. it was cold outside) and I could barely drag it. Just a simple check…


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    A lot of Tiger owners including myself put closer to 35-36 lbs in the main to aid with rolling in and out of the hangar. This was suggested to me by a lot of various Tiger owners, and it seemed to work well.

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    John Cotter

    [cotter] I’ll guess the Maintenance Manual is not normal reading for aircraft owners, so I’ll pass along this quote:

    The Gulfstream Maintenance Manual Revision 4, June 1, 1983, Section 61-1-1, Page 1:


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