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    I have had complaints in the summer from passengers that the air flow through the rear vents on a newer vintage tiger is quite poor. When I looked with a flashlight inside the vent air intake, I can see a web of thin wood-like mesh overlying what I believe is plastic yellow mesh substrate. I figure there are twigs that flew into this intake that have formed like a nest over an installed yellow plastic mesh, perhaps leading to poor airflow. It is not easy to reach in there, but I was gonna try to remove the wood like strands. Before doing this, just wanted to verify that a) this isn’t part of the normal filter structure and b) if anyone had any tips for tools, etc, to reach in and grab out the crap without damaging the plastic mesh, let me know. Looks like the cover is riveted in to the fuselage.

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    Roscoe Rosché


    You best bet is to clean it out from the inside. You will have to take the side panel inside off, then remove the air plenum from the intake to the eyeball vent. But then it will all be open.

    Video here:



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    Dan Voegeli

    I would just take the eyeball vent off and fish with a wire with a hook on it first before I would pull the plenum.

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    Thank you for all the advice and the youtube videos!

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