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    Steve Siry

    I am looking for any leads on these decals that are on my Tiger.  I have been informed that they are not the stock ones.


    Baby Tiger

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    Tracy Norris


    Awesome! Those are definitely not stock decals!

    I’m retired and own a large vinyl cutter and would be happy to whip up a set if you can get me several hi-resolution color photos as close to straight-on as you can. If you have the photos then any local automotive car vinyl shops in your area could probably print and cut a set in no time!

    Very cool decals!
    Tracy Norris
    AA5A – N9683U

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    jim newman

    This is great and I have never seen like this before, for sure this is rare and vintage prints. Hope that you can find that anywhere else, try in some decals and sticker collectors, they might have that. If that still holds its value when reprinted, you would probably have it done using high res decals prints like at http://www.digitekprinting.com/postcards, but that doesn’t seems to be that way.

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    When I was at FletchAir they did not have Tiger decals. Ordered these off a person from the Philippines on eBay. It’s not an exact match, but it’s close. They let you pick your colors, so I chose to attempt to match the paint scheme. The only complaint was the Tigers eyes and “whites around the eyes” were all black. I just took an XActo knife and carved them out. Overall very pleased with the product.

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    Oh, and the reason for the maroon stripes on the tiger? I thought the original orange would look bad against the paint scheme on the airplane (see dorsal fin). When I ordered this on ebay I was allowed to chose colors.

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