December 31, 2017 Volume XXV

Happy New Years GPA!

We stand now at 1311 members which is not bad for a 4.5 year old organization.  Thanks for being a part of this endeavor.

We released our latest video 2 days ago, ‘Cheetah Flight‘, made with a new editor for video we are trying.  Please enjoy this wonderful work at:

For those of you like Curt,  who is keeping us in the loop on his TIGER REDO (see forum post )

N28678 Chronicle

Posted on December 24th, 2017 by Curt

N28678 Chronicle

I’m waiting for my SI Medical. The FAA has had my paperwork and for…10 months – and still not given me a decision. It’s about the most frustrating thing I can imagine. So, I’m trying to make the best of the downtime and chronicle the recent history on my 1977 Tiger. Up to my current Read more

, send us pictures and a description of what you are doing and we will help all we can with forum postings and videos.

May your New Year be wonderful and filled with flying.

Happy New Year!