February 14 2018 Volume XXVII

February 14 2018 Volume XXVII

Happy Valentines Day!


Currently stands at 1366.

New Admin

Would like to welcome Mark Matthews as a new administrator of the GPA site.

New Author

Curt was recently promoted to author to help him with his posting of forum articles while we refurbishes his Grumman. There were enough good photos in his ports to make a YouTube video of the project. Keep up the good work.

Editors Note: We are trying a new format this issue, in essence a video newsletter of topics that occurred since the last newsletter. Let us know what you think. Suggestions are always welcomed.


We now have 512 videos in the collection called ‘Grumman Pilots’.

On a related note, what a perfect storm of events did to help out this number and push us over the 500 mark. We had just come home after 3 weeks on the road, got hit by a 30 hour ice, sleet, rain, freezing rain, snow then hard freeze so we just stayed in by the wood stove and produced videos. We hope you enjoy them.

I would also like to thanks two video contributors as well.

First, William Chapman, for his video of rebuilding the master and slave cylinders in his Cheetah/AA5A. Very informative and useful, thank you William.


Second, Nate Volk, who sent us a medley of his first training flight in his TR2, which he bought for flight training. He soloed on Friday, January 26, 2018. This was also the first day of the Wrench and Elbow bending held at PHOG.


See the event for yourself!


Here are some of the things we saw at that event.



Here is some of the local color on Maui, the best of the islands so they say, Maui no ka oi.




Here are some of the other new videos:


Finally, we did another edit on Cheetah Flight to bring it down to be about a minute to serve as the new video on the Grumman Pilots channel home page on YouTube. This video will receive another edit as we morph it in to a new intro for the videos we post on the channel.


Maui Reflections

It was nice to spend time with Luann, Mark, Kelly, Ken and Jan and others in a relaxed environment. Ken and I may have talked airplanes a lot, but there is so much he knows that I need to learn, it just happens. Nice trip and ideas that I think you will like as they come out in the next several months. Stay tuned.

Lycoming Engine

We you look at how over engineered these engines really are, you can see that they are almost bulletproof even in extreme conditions. You saw some of the cooling issues with missing baffles, and poor seals in the videos above, yet these engines fly all the time. First you have to look at the normal mission, full throttle to get into the air, and then back to 1900 RPMs as they slowly cruise to the destination, usually within 60 miles. So the engine is putting out very low power and gets adequate cooling for that mission. As Ken says, “Hang Loose’ has a whole new meaning when applied to flying in the islands.

Wrench and Elbow Bending, 7S5 June, 2018

National Gathering/ Wrench & Elbow Bending 7S5

Australia – Care to host an event?