June 3, 2019 Volume XXXIII

Ken’s Memorial Event

That is coming up this weekend. Some folks have already started to arrive and work to make this a great event. Look forward to seeing all of ya’ll this weekend.

Ken’s Polish Snowplow Video

While going through stuff getting ready for the memorial, I decided to put this full-length video, which near the end features Ken riding the contraption. Watch and enjoy!


Canopy Air Locks are coming

Rumor has it that some 15 or so Airlocks are coming up this weekend. That is good so we will have some for door prizes and a bunch for sale. I’m told the price is $35 each.

Grumman Gang 25 years old as of May 4th

Hard to believe that 25 years have gone by since I joined, where did the time go? I thought the anniversary date was in the fall but Mark was kind enough to give me the correct date.

Back in the day, I remember attending a wine party at Jon and Ruth Maestre’s where we were all sharing our new emails addresses. Now look at us.

YouTube Videos

We have 695 videos now. Going to do one soon on the AK102A accessory kit that came out in 1970 for keeping the Yankees warmer in flight. Stay tuned.


Editor’s Note


I started writing this in May but with the event coming on I have been busy. So let me apologize for the length of this newsletter.