May, 2020 Volume XXXV

Spring Clean Plane Wash

5-23, KHAO. Parts on sale (air vents, canopy air locks, grommets, garter filters, etc.

The weather worked out well for us. My apologies for the time for 2 pm to 7:30 when it was supposed to be 9:30 to 2 pm. Anyway, all had a good time. A total of 13 folks flew in. The farthest flight was from the St. Louis area (2 plus hours) and it was a pleasure to meet Tim and Jill.

Luann spend all of Friday getting the chili started so it would be yummy the next day. It was good seeing old and new faces.

AA1C POH Reformat

You may have noticed that the AA1C POH manual of the GPA website has much nicer formatting and is printer friendly. Thanks to Mark H (AA1C POH) for this reformat.

Grumman Pilots YouTube Channel

Early days, 4 years ago.

First video Aug 24, 2016

15 more in October

26 more in February 2017

Now at 876

Top 10 Videos

Forced Landing

Cylinder Replacement Gone Bad

Forced Landing May 15, 2018

Propeller Overhaul

Dynamic Prop Balance

Tiger With Many Problems

Wing Repair Bird Strike

Why a Prepurchase is Needed

6-Cylinder Takeoff

4-Place Preflight

Mission statement – Videos submitted by members of the Grumman Pilots Association dealing with various aspects of life with Grummans: flying …

There is a new playlist, ‘Wrench and Elbow Bendings’, watch them all!

We have started doing airplane stories telling part or all of the history of a particular airplane. Does your p[lane have a tale to tell?

We have started adding ‘Easter Eggs’ to our videos. This is normally a software term. But it now applies to a section of video or a photo at the very end of a video. Sort of a surprise.

The first Easter Egg was discovered and emailed by James Easterbrooks, is that coincidence or what?

Also new in the collection are safety videos made from FAA material. Don’t want it said we were concerned with safety.

Made a video of NOS parts and someone called right after it went public to buy those parts for their plane!


We now have 2413 members! Welcome to all who are new.

Gathering, inspired by Bob Steward April 2014, was 6 years ago.

Founders Gathering, was held June 2014 at the Falls of Rough, KY, state park.

Refile of non-profit

Yankee Serial Number

Start was 5601L (‘Oil’) at serial #3. Serial #24 was 5626L (25 and 26 were foreign sold) so the series corrected back at #27, 5627L.

5907L and 5606L are both in the original Yankee manual (owned by Ken’s flight school).

Robert and Meli Gow had N5601L (‘OIL’), serial #3.

Serial #4 was crashed before delivery.

#5 – Hal Beauchiense.





All were BD-1’s used for ads and then were destroyed.

Morrell Meat Company Sweepstakes

One of our Easter eggs was an ad for ‘His and Her Yankees’, from the Morrell Meat Company. Thanks for sending that in!

Cowl Latch Pin Spring Grommets

I would like to thank Jimmy Candeletti for his help in sourcing a size grommet that would work for this application, Many were tried, only one chosen.

Air Vents

About a year ago we sold a bunch of Ken’s air vent kits until we ran out. I have been working with many suppliers of there air vents and in a lot of cases we got as far as getting a sample to examine. Many tries that I should put in a basket and you can have them. Anyway I finally found the same ones as in Ken’s kit. Rivets I have but the metal plates have been hard to get made, they cost more that the vent.

Good news is that I had to get a minimum order (enough to do a good percent of the fleet) which means I have lots and they were fairly cheap. Since I am not selling kits the deal of two vents (which I prefer holding in with 4 screws) is $50 plus shipping.

Red Rudder Caps

We are working with a person who makes these for another brand of plane. Stay tuned!

Interior plastic

We are also working to have plastic made (by the same guy who used to do it for Fletchair) to make ship sets, including the Traveler, and two-plane which are hurting for rear plastic pieces.

Yankee Aviation

During this ‘Shelter at Home’ time we are open to service the fleet. Nice to be back for awhile.

FF event right before Rigging Madness June 11 – 12

Rigging Madness


There is more to your canopy than the single entry in the annual checklist. Here is what we look for as a start:

Latch and Latching (how well does it close, seal compression, lock)

Latch cover and placards

Double Bead Seal

Canopy Seal

How does canopy slide

Canopy stop bumpers installed inside?

Canopy bumpers and springs

Rails – clean, measure, swap

Tracks – clean

Front canopy seal

Rear Seal Canopy (felt)

Canopy ride bumpers

Canopy side windows and seals

Interior canopy plastic

Clean turtleneck under canopy while canopy is off

Candelari Mod Explained

Somewhere is the dark past, someone came up with the idea of a lower cowling deflector to create an area of low pressure by the exit ramps to help get the hot air out. It was used a lot at Hortman Aviation, and Jimmy Candeletti got credit for this mod.

Trim Plate Decode

1976 AA5A 5-EPJL – 12 – P

So from the parts  manual of that year we find:

EP =   Polyurethane WHITE (Pilgrim White) APS 1154-209  Main color

J =       April Green APS 1154-303 (Acrylic enamel)   Trim color

L =      Avocado Green APS 1154-305 (Acrylic enamel) Accent Stripe

12 =    Your upholstery in Green Style

P =      Interior Trim color Cloud Grey APS 115-70S

GPA Events

Hold an event, get door prizes donated. So let us fly and have some fun around the country.

New Tshirts

The above have a pocket.