June 22, 2020 Volume XXXV1

3 hours to send out emails


New Video Cameras video

Amazing to see the leaves unfurl and then move during the day, especially the last day. 12 seconds = 24 hours of real time.

915 videos

Store Product display changes

Topic Attachments

Windshield Bow done all wrong

Main gear Done All Wrong

Roscoe in Pool

FF Event

Tiger 0001

Rigging madness and More!

6 planes measured, 1 rigged (ELEVATOR)  18 people

Serial 2 A/W date 12,31,1974

Serial 22 A/W date 2/3/1975

Rigging Event

Nose Shimmy

Yankee #2

AGAC Emblems

Bunch of new videos including Magneto

Airplane Story N39010 Does your plane have one?

August Event with FF

YouTube Live Stream

Insurance Video (what all they collect)

Friday Photo: lunch at the Tin Goose Diner Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio (KPCW)