Trick or Treet Sale – KHAO

Date(s) - 10/24/2020
All Day

Butler County Regional Airport, Hogan Field


Calling for am showers and we are going to use Sunday as a rain date only.  FYI

We are having a sale, come and look through what we have and strike a deal, and take it home.  We have lots of stuff.

  • Wheel fairings
  • Cowl Bumpers
  • Oil on Sale
  • Bearings
  • Calipers
  • Wheel (2 rim halves) Aircraft Spruce New 765 (Cleveland) per half!
  • MORE
  • Britian Autopilots
  • Venturies, gas caps, strobes, brakes, bead clamps, nav lights
  • Alternator brackets, inter cylinder springs, fuel pump, covers
  • Engine Gaskets
  • Gauge clusters, vacuum pump, hoses, air plenums
  • Yokes, vacuum gauge, alum pieces, pitot brackets
  • Cables, rear trim, bushings, sump vent
  • 2-place shrouds, pitot connectors, seat belt plastic
  • Airspeed, canopy striker plates, intercylinder baffles
  • Flap bolts pins, trim bushings, seat and fairing brackets
  • Calipers, battery box, spar bracket, canopy latches
  • Cables, yoke, fuel pump cores, alternator
  • Elt antenna, air filters, canopy latches
  • Map lights, fuel drains, alternator bolts, seat springs, fuel sumps. Flap brackets, bleeder valves, seat bearing, aux fuel switches
  • Springs, mixture cables, seal, slave cylinder pistons
  • Compass fluid and seals, honeycomb bobbins, shims, VR, A2973-6, seals, d9-18-1 filters
  • Rocker Covers, mixture and throttle cables
  • Throttle bugs, air filter, belville washers, cowl latch springs and pins, fuel sump, axle mod, shim bolt pegs, over voltage relay, fuel sender acorns, voltage regulator, instrument
  • Rheostats, fuel balls and packing, jelly jars, dorsal fin clips, hose clamps, piston wrist pins, points and condenser, circuit breakers, rivnuts, oil drains, wingtip nut plates, sight gauges.
  • Tie down rings, brackets, flap bracket, bearing bracket, oversize aileron shims, torque tube spacers, torque tube shims, spar shoulder bolts
  • Air filter, brake parts, master slave, used seat belts, cowl latch hook, aeroflash power, vacuum pump, landing gear brackets
  • Seat parts, seat brackets, fuse caps, spar captures, trim tabs, intake tube, placards
  • Wing root supports, battery box lids, console brackets
  • Air vents early Tigers, 2 John Sjardema eyeball bents + demo
  • Map light plastic, flap motors, fuel sender, rudder petal end bearings, cougar rods and bushings, cougar brackets
  • Assorted Cougar parts
  • Main fairing parts, fork, oil cooler spacer, inspection covers fuel tank, landing gear parts
  • Cables, placards, fence for spar interior, valve stems, bead clamps, B3-5-1 filters
  • aileron spacers, spark plugs driers, AA5 airbox, coax, chafe tape, strip caulk
  • AGAC ext placards, Cheetah yoke emblems, landing light seal, air box mixer, landing gear, wing root brace, bracket, alternator bushings, instrument light plastic
  • Strobe tubes, vent drains, seat arm, brake pads, brakes plates and shims
  • Aileron Stop Bracket, 5901019-5 Cap, 2-place VR, control yoke collars, rudder springs, eyeball swivels, rudder petal floor bracket, control locks, flap actuator parts, 5902000-1 spacer, fuel lights, clamps and horn assembly, flap linkages, 607013-502,support shaft, elevator trim wheels console
  • Yoke support shaft, Ken’s homemade tools, yoke assembly shroud shock absorber mount, , rudder collars, oversize bearing collars, oversize bearings 904003-3, bronze assembly, Tygon line (large), foam seal, 2 fuel scuppers (3-place)
  • Oil cooler firewall mount, 6-row oil cooler, oil, cooler bolts, oil cooler spacers green, honeycomb panels for battery read position, 180 degree spindle bracket, AG5B wingtip landing light, 590100-2
  • 102360-6, canopy handles, fuel hose and primer line, control u-joint, cable pulleys, seat bracket hook, jelly jars, hook, c-clips
  • Spar shims, inspection plate doubler with hardware, motor baffle, spare 5” covers, console baffle around spar, elevator parts.
  • O-rings, flap brushes and holders, magneto parts, canopy latch parts, oil quick drain, beacon resistors, grommet, switch.
  • Cleveland felts, seat spar brackets, 13889 bearing, AG5B landing light square seals, Cleveland wheel c-clips, nav bulbs (14 and 28V), Molex connector parts.
  • AG5B air vents
  • Lord mounts, flex bolts, Lycoming plugs, primer lines and clamps, EGT, intake tube, front seals, flap switches, oil door latch, 6-row oil cooler.


Fly in to Hogan Field, come to T11 (park in the rear behind the building), and shop to your heart’s content.

Yummy food


Bookings are closed for this event.

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