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      Bruce Reynolds

      I have a Yankee AA-1.
      Can I upgrade the canopy latch to the newer style?

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      Richard Harrison

      You would need to replace the canopy and windshield bows with the later style that was used on the ’74 and later AA-1B or -1C (SN AA1B-0238 and later). These bows are designed to be bonded to the glass with a high adhesion epoxy and there are only a few screws rather then what was done on the earlier aircraft. If you are at a point where you need to change the glass on your plane, this would be a great opportunity to do that.

      In addition you need all the latch parts. Some are getting hard to find.

      I have a ’76 AA-1B with the later latch and think it is great. I am restoring a ’69 AA-1 and will be installing the later bows and latch on it.

      I just happen to know that someone here on the Forum has a set of late bows and latch available for sale. I was looking at them a little over a week ago.
      Maybe he will respond to you…. 🙂

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